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Rose Quartz :

The Stone of Universal Love
A Ninth Step Stone
Color: Translucent Pink
This is a stone of gentle warmth and
love, as it heals emotional wounds and pain
with it's gentle calming salve. Opens the
heart to the beauty within and all around
us, and will begin its healing by reducing
As Amethyst is to the Spirit, so Rose
Quartz is to the Heart.  And lord
knows, they need unconditional love in
dealing with friends or spouses in the
program.  Not only unconditional love
for others, but for themselves, too.

Self Love, and Personal Worth
all forms of love: self love, mother
love, caring, kindness, platonic and
romantic love.
Opens our hearts and encourages us to be
tender, peaceful and gentle. Teaches
forgiveness and tolerance.
Emanates unconditional love and
nurturance and helps us attract
positive, gentle, non-judgmental love
into our lives.

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